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Implementing the Format Changes
Action Info Responsible Party Target Completion Date
Style Guide Updates Developing guidance for the editors on how to check UTF-8; Developing guidance for the editors on superscript, subscript, etc.; When to use reference groups RSE 30 June 2019
RFC display and metadata Verify incorporation of JavaScript pointing to metadata RSE, RPC, Dev 30 June 2019
RPC Procedures Finish first full working draft of new RPC procedures RPC 15 July 2019
RFC Editor website Update pages (e.g., AUTH48 procedures) RPC 15 July 2019
Test runs with volunteer authors RPC edits the docs, posting v3 as well as v2 files, having authors review the v3 XML as well as the outputs; noting that the v3 will not be the docs published RPC 31 July 2019
Well-formed XML examples Provide good examples of good, well-formed v3XML files (copy from test docs) in the FAQ RPC 1 August 2019
Format Tools FAQ Update to match final code drop before moving to production RPC 1 August 2019
AUTH48 Transition Second approval in AUTH48 to review v3 files RPC 23 August 2019
Publish Start publishing v3 RFCs RPC 28 August 2019
-bis documents Final draft -bis docs RSE 31 December 2019
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