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Implementing the Format Changes
  • Target date: 30 August 2019
Action Info Responsible Party Target Completion Date
Format Tools FAQ Update to match final code drop before moving to production RPC 1 August 2019
AUTH48 Hold Two week hold on moving documents through AUTH48 RPC 28 August 2019
-bis documents Start -bis doc process RSE 1 September 2019

Programming tasks:

Style Guide updates: (RSE)

  • Developing guidance for the editors on how to check UTF-8
  • Developing guidance for the editors on superscript, subscript, etc.
  • When to use reference groups

Provide good examples of good, well-formed v3XML files

  • Text only
  • Text with SVG
  • Text with UTF-8

Finish updating the RPC procedures

Website updates on AUTH48 changes

Update publication announcement text

Test runs with volunteer authors (RPC edits the docs, posting v3 as well as v2 files, having authors review the v3 XML as well as the outputs; noting that the v3 will not be the docs published)

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