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Implementing the Format Changes
  • Target date: 30 August 2019
Action Info Responsible Party Target Completion Date
Format Tools FAQ Update to match final code drop before moving to production RPC 1 August 2019
AUTH48 Hold Two week hold on moving documents through AUTH48 RPC 28 August 2019
-bis documents Start -bis doc process RSE 1 September 2019

Programming tasks:

Finish updating the RPC procedures

Style Guide updates: * Developing guidance for the editors on how to check UTF-8 * Developing guidance for the editors on superscript, subscript, etc. * When to use reference groups

Website updates on AUTH48 changes

Update publication announcement text

Provide good examples of good, well-formed v3XML files * Text only * Text with SVG * Text with UTF-8

Test runs with volunteer authors (RPC edits the docs, posting v3 as well as v2 files, having authors review the v3 XML as well as the outputs; noting that the v3 will not be the docs published)

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