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Members of the RFC Format Design Team

Nevil Brownlee (ISE), Heather Flanagan (RSE), Tony Hansen, Joe Hildebrand, Paul Hoffman, Julian Reschke, Adam Roach, Alice Russo, Robert Sparks (Tools Team liaison), Dave Thaler

Expected Outputs of the Design Team

  1. examples of Publication outputs (they may be done manually and are designed to show what things will look like) a specification or set of specifications on what needs to be done to create the necessary tools for XML to be the canonical format that in turn creates four publication formats
  2. documentation on what areas we have discussed and resolved internally so when I take this back out to the community, I can point to something that says “we discussed that issue, not discussing it again unless you have some new information that is relevant”
  3. clear guidelines on how different scripts (see RFC 6365 for terminology clarification) will be allowed in specific sections of an RFC now that the UTF-8 encoding will be allowed in the Author's Address section (I expect this to have an impact on the tools, but I don't know what that impact will look like)
  4. an SVG profile for tags allowed/not-allowed in the XML
  5. document the requirements for the XML format and the transformation tool(s)

Open Questions

  1. How will unintentional variations in output be dealt with?
  2. Will the Publication formats be allowed to change, allowing for modifications if the transformation from XML introduces format-specific errors? Who would judge whether the bug was in the Canonical format rather than the Publication format?
  3. How does xml2rfc fit in to this work? What needs to change?
  4. Given the end goals, what tools are entirely missing? (i.e., is what we have now sufficient for diffs?)
  5. Will we have one or more “preferred” publication formats?

Raw, untidy, unformatted notes from the RFC Format Design Team calls

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