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Attending: Heather, Nevil, Julian, Paul, Joe, Alice, Tony

0. Agenda bash

1. Draft review

  • framework draft: OK to publish?

Paul has looked at it; expect is to be a lightening rod in the community.

Julian hasn’t had a chance to review; will do soon.

  • plain-text draft: OK to publish?

Paul has looked at it; expect is to be a lightening rod in the community.

Joe: adding in arguments about how “x has been proposed and shot down for reasons y and z”; but wait on that until that’s required

  • xml2rfc v2 draft: ready to be resubmitted as IAB doc?

Julian: not done yet; still on his list (it’s about refs and refs) and it’s not a trivial fix

Joe: the IAB has said go ahead and publish it as an IAB stream draft, and they are wondering why it hasn’t been done yet.

Julian: will go ahead and rename it this week, and then will continue to work on the draft; Joe suggests putting in an appendix on known issues still being worked on; add to that appendix that those things will also impact v3

  • xml2rfc v3

Got farther on where to put series info; Tony may have enough to go on to write a converter

Paul will have a new version where the only change is about series info and getting the info correct for this document and a reference document correctly; this isn’t a major update; close to done on known issues

Joe: have you processed Alice’s message from 23 December? Paul: missed that, will review and possibly revise the draft further

  • HTML

Joe: no update

  • CSS draft: OK to publish -00?

Paul: it should wait until the HTML draft has done another rev

  • PDF

Tony: has a call out to Larry to get together and restart the work in 2015; expects to meet later this week.

2. Timeline

  • Action item from last call: timeline for examples draft

Tony and Paul still have work to do, but very much hoping to have the draft on the next agenda. Will make time this week to at least have a better status.

3. AOB

Reminder: next call scheduled for 20 January 2015

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