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-Parent issue: ​+Parent issue: ​Search response improvements ​
-Size (time): ​+Size (time): ​Large
 Importance/​Urgency:​ TBD Importance/​Urgency:​ TBD
-Problem Statement: ​+Problem Statement: ​Currently, the RFC search page does exactly what one would expect - it returns a list of RFCs that match the search criteria. ​ It could be an interesting value-add if we could modify the search functionality to do more by adding context to the returned search criteria. ​ For instance, returning links to the WG page where the document was created (if a the output of an IETF or IRTF WG).
-Pros: +Pros: This could help new participants to the I* in finding more information about how the RFC was created, where discussions happen, etc.
-Cons:+Cons:  This may be beyond the scope of what should be done in-house. ​ While this could offer very useful functionality,​ this is very complex search functionality which may in turn cost more than it is worth to the community.
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