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Parent issue: RFC Series as an archive Specific issue: Continued printing of hard copy RFCs

Size (time): 6-18 months Importance/Urgency: High/Low

Problem Statement: As part of the publication process, RFCs are printed to paper and stored with the current RFC Publisher. Older RFC paper copies exist at ISI. While these paper copies have been used to recover from the loss of the electronic copy of the data early on in the Series' history, continuing the printing of RFCs at publication time has been questioned as inefficient and unnecessary. This project proposes to review the question of archival printing of RFCs by examining the following:

  • review of current storage of paper copies against current archival best practices
  • discussion of potential interaction of paper printing as it ties in to the revision of the electronic formats of RFCs
  • review the current digital storage for RFCs against current digital archive best practices
  • Interaction between possible restoration from paper copies and evolving archival/ reference/ authoritative norms.

RSE Actions:

  • Research the best practices for both digital and paper archives and create a recommendation of next steps
  • Determine how any changes might impact the current contract and SoW with the RFC Publisher

RSOC Actions:

  • Discuss recommendation from the RSE and indicate level of support to any change in process or contract (noting that actual contract changes will need to be handled through the IAOC)

RFC Production Center & Publisher

  • Provide detailed information on current process (type of paper, environment in which paper is stored; details on digital storage)


Financial: minimal immediate impact

Project schedule:


Estimated completion date:

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