RFC Series Editor

The “RFC Editor” comprises the set of functions that serve the Internet technical community in editing, publishing, and archiving RFCs. The individual who directs the work of the RFC Editor and corresponding community policy-development activities, is known as the “RFC Series Editor (RSE)”.

The role of the RSE was separated from other RFC Editorial functions in August 2009 with the publication of RFC 5620, which marked the beginning of the reorganization of the RFC Editor. (The RFC Series and the RFC Editor are defined in RFC 4844.)

While implementation of the model went expediently for the other identified functions, it was quickly realized that review and refinement of the role of the RSE was needed. It was decided to hire a Transitional RFC Editor (TRSE) whose mission it was to gain ‘on-the-ground’ experience and provide recommendations to improve clarity about the role, authority, and responsibility of the RFC Series Editor.

Glenn Kowack took responsibility for the series in his role of Transitional RFC Series Editor during the March 2010 – February 2011 period. Reports and recommendations created during that time can be found here.

With the experience provided by the TRSE, a more detailed model began to take form in 2011. Olaf Kolkman filled in as Acting RSE after the term for the TRSE concluded and continued to help clarify the role of the RSE in the RFC Editor process. At the end of 2011, Heather Flanagan was hired as the RFC Series Editor based on the criteria defined in RFC 6635; she was the RFC Series Editor through 2019. At the beginning of 2020, John Levine was hired as the Temporary RFC Series Project Manager.

A procedures manual has been developed to guide RSE day-to-day activities. See the RSE’s wiki page for details about projects while Heather Flanagan was the RFC Series Editor.

Oversight and Advice

The model calls for the formation of an RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC; see Section 4 of RFC 6635). For the list of individuals on RSOC and the minutes of its meetings, please see the IAB RSOC page

An RFC Series Advisory Group (RSAG) also exists, as described in RFC 5620the RSAG. Feedback is welcome on the rfc-interest mailing list.

Contact the RSE at rse@rfc-editor.org