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NIC #14905

RFC#: 474

Title:  Announcement of forthcoming meeting of the Network Graphics
        Working Group and call for RFC's

Author: Steve Bunch, ILL-ANTS

Distribution:   Network Graphics Group

Ira Cotton (NBS) has proposed that Illinois host the next NGWG meeting
and that it be held in early May.  Please let me know if there are
pressing reasons for not scheduling the meeting for Friday, May 11,
1973.  A formal announcement of the final meting date will be announced
in a week or two, along with details for making local arrangements.  I
can be reached best via mail at:

          Center for Advanced Computation
          University of Illinois
          Urbana, Illinois 61801

My phone is (217) 333-9354.  If no answer, try 333-8150.  I can also be
reached via BUNCH@USC-ISI.

If you have ideas, comments, suggestions, or even derision for higher-
level graphics protocols, please air your opinions via RFC sometime
before the meeting to give everyone time to think about it.

Steve Bunch

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