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Network Working Group                                         V. Cerf
Request for Comments #322                                     J. Postel
NIC #9609                                                     UCLA-NMC
                                                              26 March 72

                       Well Known Socket Numbers

     The Network Measurement Group would like to establish a network
standard socket number for a Process Discard service (not all HOSTs need
cooperate.) To do this, it is necessary to know which sockets at each
HOST have already been allocated to standard network functions.

     At all HOSTs which permit login for services, socket 1 is the
Network Logger on which ICP may be performed.

     We would like to catalog other sockets which are supposed to be
well-known, so we would appreciate having a note or phone call from each
HOST Technical Liaison describing the function and socket numbers of
network service programs at each HOST.  The catalog will be published and
we would recommend that it be maintained at NIC.

                            Dr. Vint Cerf or Jon Postel
                            3804 Boelter Hall
                            UCLA Computer Science Department
                            Los Angeles, California 90024

                            (213) 825-4864   Vint

                            (213) 825-4733   Jon

                            (213) 825-2368   Secretary

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