Tools for Creating Internet-Drafts

The tools below can be used to create an Internet-Draft. For more on authoring tools, see the IETF Tools page.


id2xml(Henrik Levkowetz)

  • Converts a well-formed I-D or RFC text into an XML source file.

kramdown-rfc2629 (Carsten Bormann)

  • Converts .mkd to text and XML
  • Edit using markdown and YAML, then run this converter to get an XML file for input to xml2rfc.

Mmark (Miek Gieben)

  • Converts .md to XML — for use with xml2rfc v2 (RFC 7749) or v3 (RFC 7991). Also converts .md to HTML5.
  • Edit using markdown, then run this processor to get an XML file for input to xml2rfc. See the README for details.
  • Additional information: tutorial on Writing I-Ds in Markdown by Dan York (This also covers kramdown and other tools.)

pandoc2rfcRFC 7328(Miek Gieben)

  • Converts .mkd to text
  • Edit in your editor, then run this converter (which uses pandoc, xsltproc, and xml2rfc)
  • Additional info: Installation tips for OS X

draftr(Richard Barnes)

  • Converts markdown to text; side-by-side editing
  • Download the XML file for use with xml2rfc

lyx2rfc(Nico Williams)

  • Converts .lyx to text
  • Edit in LyX with specific config, then run this converter (which uses lyx, DocBook SGML, Saxon, and xml2rfc)

Microsoft Word template – RFC 5385(Joe Touch)

  • Use a Word template with a specific configuration to create text output; then run this perl script for post-processing.


  • Widely used for text preparation in many academic environments.
  • Template: 2-latex.template

NroffEdit(Stefan Santesson)

  • Converts nroff source to text; side-by-side editing within the application.
  • Template: pre-loaded. select “File” > “New Draft from Template”
  • Additional information: tutorial on the use of nroff, an alternative template (3-nroff.template)
  • Reference creation: automatic for RFCs.

Additional Tools