[rfc-i] Too soon [was: Removing postal information from RFCs [was: Changes to the v3 <postal> element]]

Michael Richardson mcr+ietf at sandelman.ca
Sat Jun 12 07:39:12 PDT 2021

John Levine <johnl at taugh.com> wrote:
    >> Identity metadata is data the author supplied to establish their
    >> identity.  Whether you could send postal mail to the person isn’t the
    >> point. 

    > I don't get it.  Given that the IETF has never verified anything about
    > RFC authors other than their e-mail addresses, what difference does it
    > make if they provide a street address?  What if I just made one up?

I think that when we started in the 1980s, the email address was relatively
official.   brian.carpenter at IBM was pretty clear (IBM!brian ?), to the point
where I think that any lawyers that had IPR questions would be able to find

I actually wonder if you shouldn't ask the question too loudly: the lawyers
might say WTF and make us do better.
    > Or
    > in my case, since I live in a small town, I could provide an address
    > what has everything but the town wrong and I'd get any mail sent to me
    > anyway. 

"John Levine, USA"      :-)

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