[rfc-i] summary of Removing postal information from RFCs

John R Levine johnl at taugh.com
Sun Jul 11 19:23:45 PDT 2021

> (2) Allow in some free-text format, used for human disambiguation, not
> sending postal mail or other purposes.

If we keep it, that's my inclination, if people want to provide a postal 
address, we use <postalline> to publish what they provided.

> (3) Enforce specific elements (and the IETF has an RFC for that, used for
> emergency calling)

That's how we got into this mess.  It turns out that the general problem 
of parsing and formatting postal addresses is very hard.  There's an 
entire part of the UPU in Berne that will sell you very expensive address 
normalization services.  Since we are not the UPU, I don't think we care 
that much.


> (4) Validate the truthfulness of the data.

I hope that was just for completeness, since we've gotten along for 50 
years without doing that.

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