[rfc-i] whose on first

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Mon Feb 22 13:27:31 PST 2021

> Just so that we are clear, the machine that Tony has lost privileges
> on is under the sole control of Henrik and privileges were lost
> because it died irreparably.  The service has since been moved to
> another machine controlled exclusively by Henrik and so all decisions
> regarding privileges are made by him.

i can unhappily report that i have become aware of this.  and more of
the sad chain of events leading us here than i might like to be.  and
yes, of course henrik had his role to play.  and he comes from the
passive aggressive swedish culture to which i am somewhat allergic.

as the list of departing senior professionals continues to grow, all
from similar causes, it just might not be entirely their fault.

best wishes on the senior software engineers are fungible experiment.


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