[rfc-i] Fixing names in references to old RFCs

John R Levine johnl at taugh.com
Mon Feb 22 09:14:20 PST 2021

In article <c6acbb0e-e96a-4b88-9b41-8cc5e03773bc at www.fastmail.com> you write:
>With RFC 7997, we can now include people's names in RFCs.
>But we didn't used to.  I have a document that cites an older RFC where one of the authors had their name mangled.  What do
>people here think about correcting the mangling when referencing that document from a newer RFC?

Hi, catching up with my mail here.

The universal custom in bibliographies is to cite a name the way it's
written in the original publication, as described in the APA note
linked below. We can write people's names in larger character sets as
we go forward, but trying to redo history leads to way too much
inconsistency and confusion.

People's names have been written in different ways for about as long
there have been publications. Different publications have different
styles, and the same person is often known by different names. (I
remember when half of all people who got married changed their names.)



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