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Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Fri Feb 19 14:39:08 PST 2021

>> my rsync does not get it
> I don’t think we can rsync bibxml from the datatracker yet.
> Might be interesting to pull something together that does the 
> equivalent over HTTP so one can then rsync from that…  But the 
> datatracker is not very fast, so this might overload it.

this is my nightly rsync

RSY="/usr/bin/rsync -vaHx --delete"
$RSY rfc-editor.org::rfcs-text-only $HOME/rfcs
$RSY ietf.org::internet-drafts $HOME/ids
# old + new, though i really want only old
$RSY rsync.tools.ietf.org::tools.id $HOME/ids.old
# for xml2rfc
$RSY xml2rfc.tools.ietf.org::xml2rfc.bibxml/bibxml $HOME/refs/rfc
$RSY xml2rfc.tools.ietf.org::xml2rfc.bibxml/bibxml3 $HOME/refs/id

i am quite open to improving it


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