[rfc-i] Fixing names in references to old RFCs

Martin Thomson mt at lowentropy.net
Thu Feb 18 12:11:36 PST 2021

On Fri, Feb 19, 2021, at 03:08, Michael Richardson wrote:
>     > But we didn't used to.  I have a document that cites an older RFC where
>     > one of the authors had their name mangled.  What do people here think
>     > about correcting the mangling when referencing that document from a
>     > newer RFC?
> I think that you are asking if the reference.RFC.xxxx.xml file should get
> fixed. Others seem to think that you are asking to regenerate the RFC.
> Please clarify.

I was deliberately vague, which has resulting in some productive discussion in various directions.  I need neither.  The document I was talking about is in XML and has complete references inline, not URLs.

I would not have suggested changing the original, immutable document.  Updating references files (reference.RFC.blah.xml) so everyone benefits is a good idea if we decide that a change is appropriate.

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