[rfc-i] Fixing names in references to old RFCs

Carsten Bormann cabo at tzi.org
Thu Feb 18 01:11:03 PST 2021

> For the moment however, I just want to know if manually rewriting oe to ö would be a reasonable thing to do.  I think that it would.

Hmm.  Some people are actually changing their names for various reasons; what do you do with that?
In academics, we generally keep the names as they were published in the referenced document (which is really bad for the citation counts of people who change their names).

(We certainly won’t fix references in old RFCs; for a little preview of the extent of that problem, have a look at [7] in RFC 3374, [RFC3095] in RFC 3409, [8] in RFC 4376, [RFC4629] in RFC 4628, or [1], [4], [7] in RFC 4896 :-)

>  2a. Stop adding new references to the old location after a fixed date.

(1) We have the RFC and I-D locations, which update automatically based on our own activities; we could easily have a newly formatted variant.
(2) We have the DOI location and the IANA location, which we also could duplicate in a new format.
(3) The other bibxml locations are maintained at various states of activity; a major cleanup there (and that not in the sense of throwing away everything) is indicated.  We could still have a front-end converter presenting them in a new format.

Grüße, Carsten

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