[rfc-i] Fixing names in references to old RFCs

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Wed Feb 17 22:57:19 PST 2021

Am 18.02.2021 um 05:57 schrieb Martin Thomson:
> With RFC 7997, we can now include people's names in RFCs.
> But we didn't used to.  I have a document that cites an older RFC where one of the authors had their name mangled.  What do people here think about correcting the mangling when referencing that document from a newer RFC?
> ...

The problem with *any* change to the references resources is that if you
re-generate older specs that use these resources you get a different
result. (We have a similar issue with other changes to <reference>, such
as changes to seriesInfo, or even the insertion of DOIs).

Best regards, Julian

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