[rfc-i] I need your "good" RFCs

Wes Hardaker wjhns1 at hardakers.net
Thu Feb 11 13:50:10 PST 2021

Good folks,

I'm looking for people's favorite RFCs with respect to readability and
understand-ability.  Do you have ones that have always impressed you as
your favorites as how RFCs should be written to make their protocol/etc
easily understood?  If so, send a note my way (ideally using this
subject line).  I don't necessarily think you need to do a reply-all.

[And yes, I recognize that this is a subjective ask, and everyone will
have a different opinion as to "what is readable" and "what is
understandable".  That's ok -- I'm asking for opinions and not facts].

Wes Hardaker

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