[rfc-i] [Tools-discuss] Recommendation 9 from Results and analysis of the survey of I-D authors on formats and tools

Michael Richardson mcr+ietf at sandelman.ca
Sat Feb 6 20:31:14 PST 2021

Carsten Bormann <cabo at tzi.org> wrote:
    > While there is a bit of redundancy in ...

    > ~~~~
    > <CODE BEGINS> file "ietf-sid-file at 2020-02-05.yang"
    > {::include ietf-sid-file at 2020-02-05.yang}
    > <CODE ENDS>
    > ~~~~

    > …, I’m not sure avoiding that warrants a Perl script by itself.

Well, it started in XML days.

And there were several yang files, and they got generated/processed with
today's date inserted.  Being sure to use the latest one was error prone at one point.
Edit one, but update the other reference... oops.

And then sid files and tree files.
I could probably submit an "::include-yang" patch to do the right thing, and
maybe I should.

Michael Richardson <mcr+IETF at sandelman.ca>   . o O ( IPv6 IøT consulting )
           Sandelman Software Works Inc, Ottawa and Worldwide

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