[rfc-i] [Tools-discuss] Recommendation 9 from Results and analysis of the survey of I-D authors on formats and tools

Mark Nottingham mnot at mnot.net
Fri Feb 5 18:24:17 PST 2021

> On 6 Feb 2021, at 1:35 am, Leonard Rosenthol <lrosenth at adobe.com> wrote:
> Thanks for the history, Carsten – very helpful.
> So then kramdown-rfc is *both* a piece of software *and* an extension specification for Markdown.  Yes?    If so, does there exist a document that describes those extensions and their behavior?   Because, to me as a standards guy, that is the important thing.   Making sure that there is a formal specification which *anyone* can use to develop their own tooling.

If only we held the XML format to such a high bar...

(I'll show myself out.)

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