[rfc-i] Recommendation 9 from Results and analysis of the survey of I-D authors on formats and tools

Andrew G. Malis agmalis at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 07:01:42 PST 2021

Jay and John,

Thanks for this survey and report.

I would like to start a conversation/consensus call on Recommendation 9:

> Recommendation 9: A significant minority want to use Markdown or similar
and a strategic decision is needed on whether or not this should be
“officially” supported either in some stages or in the full end-to-end
authoring process. (see also Q20)

I'm a part of that minority. I love Kramdown and use it a lot, and would
love to see:

1. "Official support" for the Kramdown toolset rather than just appearing
on the experimental tools page.

2. For idnits to support Kramdown source, so you don't have to do a
conversion in order to perform idnits checking. I know that I could script
this, and perhaps will when I start my next draft ... :-), but native
support would be better.

3. Being able to use Kramdown as a draft submission format, rather than
converting to XML and/or plaintext for submission.

I'd be happy with 1, but even happier with 2 and/or 3 as well.

Thanks again,
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