[rfc-i] double-quotes-or-not and <tt>

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Wed Aug 25 20:15:04 PDT 2021

It appears that Michelle Cotton  <michelle.cotton at iana.org> said:
>When IANA replaces the draft string with an RFC number after publication of an RFC, we double-check to make sure the actions
>performed in the registry are identical to what appears in the RFC.
>When updating the references for RFC 9101, I noticed that in the registry there are quotes in the description for some registrations.
>These quotes appear in the text version of the RFC, but not in the HTML or PDF versions of the RFC.

They're not in the definitive XML either.  They're an artifact of way we currently render the text.

>This resulted in a question as to if there should or should not be quotes in the registry.

Certainly check with the authors and ADs, but I hope not.


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