[rfc-i] What the text version is used for (was Re: The <tt> train wreck)

Paul Kyzivat pkyzivat at alum.mit.edu
Wed Aug 25 12:59:33 PDT 2021

On 8/24/21 10:34 PM, Martin Thomson wrote:

> I will observe that with the exception of diffs, I use HTML for all of the things he lists.  I find that most of these use cases work better from HTML than text.  For instance, I find the added spacing and line breaks in the text format occasionally awkward for pasting quotations into other mediums.

While copy/paste in general works reasonably well with HTML, I'm a 
ludite in that I avoid using it for email, especially on IETF lists. I 
find it messes up the flow of quoting in extended conversations. So I 
want .txt snippets to put in my emails. Pasting HTLM as txt gives the 
worst of both.


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