[rfc-i] Proposed survey on I-D authoring tools

Jay Daley jay at ietf.org
Wed Sep 30 16:19:26 PDT 2020

> On 1/10/2020, at 12:07 PM, Randy Bush <randy at psg.com> wrote:
>> [QUESTION - Multiple Choice]
>> Approximately, how many I-Ds have you authored in total (different I-Ds not versions of the same I-D)?
>> If you need a reminder then your Datatracker page will have the
>> details.
> not obvious how for not-a-datatracker-geek.  give instructions, please

Yes, not easy is it.  I’ve asked for help.  (for info my page is at https://datatracker.ietf.org/person/Jay%20Daley but I don’t know how to navigate to that).

>> Approximately, how many times have you submitted a draft (both a new draft and a new version) to the Datatracker?
> hard to answer

Yep, hence the suggestion to look on your Datatracker page.

>> How often have you used the following document format(s) and associated output process(es) (editor/template/converter) when authoring an I-D? (Ignore any you don’t know about)
>> Items
>> 	• Plain text using no markup
>> 	• Plain text using a different output process
>> 	• Markdown using the kramdown-rfc2629 converter
>> 	• Markdown using the mmark converter
>> 	• Markdown using the draftr converter
>> 	• Markdown using the Pandoc2rfc converter
>> 	• Markdown using a different output process
>> 	• XML using the XMLMind editor and xml2rfc-xxe
>> 	• XML using a different output process
>> 	• AsciiDoc using the metanorma-ietf (formerly known as asciidoctor-rfc) converter
>> 	• AsciiDoc using a different output process
>> 	• TeX / LaTeX using Lyx editor and lyx2rfc
>> 	• TeX / LaTeX using a different output process
>> 	• nroff using the Nroff Edit editor
>> 	• nroff using nroff2xml template
>> 	• nroff using a different output process
>> 	• Microsoft Word rich text using Joe Touch’s Word Template (RFC5385)
>> 	• Microsoft Word rich text using a different output process (This means specifically using rich text styles that a template/convertor will recognise, it does not mean using this an editor for one of the other formats)
>> 	• Other format (Only use this option if you author in a
>> different format to all of those above) [PLEASE SPECIFY what format
>> you author in and what output process you use]
> uh, where is xml using a classic ascii text editor, e.g. emacs, and xml2rfc?

That would be "• XML using a different output process" but in response to someone else I’ve already added

	"XML using xml2rfc to create plain text for submission"

Does that match your usage of xml2rfc?


> randy

Jay Daley
IETF Executive Director
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