[rfc-i] Managing the v3 XML and Style Guide change requests

Sarah Banks sbanks at encrypted.net
Wed Oct 14 09:14:18 PDT 2020


	A key role of the RFC Series Editor (RSE) has been to support the RFC Production Center (RPC) and the xml2rfc developer, Henrik Levkowetz, in triaging incoming change requests for the v3 XML and the RFC Style Guide and deciding how those are addressed.  This could mean saying 'no', or any combination of changing the XML of an I-D, changing the v3 XML schema, and changing the Style Guide.

	The role of the Temporary RFC Series Project Manager (TRFCSPM), John Levine, doesn’t include this responsibility and that has left a gap with no clear management of these decisions.  Consequently, the RSOC has formed an "RFC XML and Style Guide change management team" to fill this gap as a temporary measure while the IAB process to determine the future role of an RSE progresses.  This team is made up of Henrik Levkowetz as the developer, John Levine as the TRFCSPM, Robert Sparks as the Tools Team PM and Peter Saint-Andre as an RSOC representative. The role of the team will be to discuss and approve all changes to the RFC XML and Style Guide.

	It is expected that providing this formalization around change management will lead to the v3 XML schema stabilizing quickly, which in turn will enable a new SLA to be established and so ensure that RFC processing times meet community expectations.

Sarah Banks
On behalf of the RSOC

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