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Ronald Tse tse at ribose.com
Mon Mar 2 21:21:36 PST 2020

I have been tracking this list since we first implemented AsciiRFC for RFC XML v2, the draft v3, and now the “official" v3.

(As we speak, the "draft-ribose-asciirfc” document has already been stuck in AUTH for over 2 years).

To be fair, I concur with many of Julian’s comments and they are true concerns, especially since we’re dealing with “standardized documents” that need to be interoperable by different tools. The draft v3 and the current v3 are sufficiently incompatible that we consider them as different implementations — files that comply with draft v3 grammar crashes today's official toolset.

I understand the frustration. But as Julian has mentioned a couple times, there are practices and assumptions in the existing toolset that are not documented in spec. This is more likely the cause for stagnated progress.

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Ronald Tse
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On Mar 3, 2020, at 4:20 AM, Henrik Levkowetz <henrik at levkowetz.com<mailto:henrik at levkowetz.com>> wrote:

Given the number of lists copied here, I'd like to make just one
observation, in reply to Julian's assertion, so that people who haven't
been following the discussions on the xml2rfc-dev list in the last half
of 2018 have a bit more data to work with:

On 2020-03-02 19:19, Wes Hardaker wrote:

FWIW, the fact that *you* do not know the answer is kind of scary.

I expect that one of the things to come out of the upcoming discussions for
the future of the RSE roll will be where decisions are formally held and
what the right level of independence is with respect to the RSE role.

It's now something like 9 months since I tried to draw attention to the
current mess, and there seems absolutely no measurable progress on this
issue since

At this point, people should be aware that the reason we haven't made progress
in determining a revised specification is that when I started to feed back
issues to the discussion list, Julian was sufficiently obstructionist in
his responses to many proposed adjustments that there was absolutely no hope
of both having that extended conversation and at the same time producing a
tool release that would let the RPC carry out their planned transition.

I deplore the situation we have, but the primary reason we are in this
situation is that sensible discussion and progress in resolving proposed
changes was killed by an Not-Invented-Here attitude from the v3 design team
members active on the discussion list in the autumn of 2018, with Julian
the most active in preventing any progress at all from taking place on some


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