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Wes Hardaker hardaker at isi.edu
Mon Mar 2 10:19:20 PST 2020

> FWIW, the fact that *you* do not know the answer is kind of scary.

I expect that one of the things to come out of the upcoming discussions for
the future of the RSE roll will be where decisions are formally held and
what the right level of independence is with respect to the RSE role.

It's now something like 9 months since I tried to draw attention to the
> current mess, and there seems absolutely no measurable progress on this
> issue since

 I, for one, am happy you're pushing forward in bringing these issues
forward.  Unfortunately, the timing of needed v3 changes and the need for
this discussion pretty much collided at the same time.  I do think it's
important that we document these questions to ensure they're addressed in
due course.  One question left in my mind is the urgency of the problems:
if we have what seems like split-track v3 specs for a while due to
operational issues, how does the pain level grow with that timeline if not
resolved by time X?

Wes Hardaker
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