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John R Levine johnl at taugh.com
Wed Jul 22 20:40:46 PDT 2020

> On Thu, Jul 23, 2020, at 12:45, John Levine wrote:
>> Once again, no.  The RSE keeps a list of conventional artwork types,
>> not IANA.  See RFC 7991, sec 2.5.7.
> We documented this format in an RFC because we thought that 
> interoperability matters.  I don't think that the RSE gets to be above 
> that.

That section of RFC 7991 says:

2.5.7.  "type" Attribute

    Specifies the type of the artwork.  The value of this attribute is
    free text with certain values designated as preferred.

    The preferred values for <artwork> types are:

    o  ascii-art

    o  binary-art

    o  call-flow

    o  hex-dump

    o  svg

    The RFC Series Editor will maintain a complete list of the preferred
    values on the RFC Editor web site, and that list is expected to be
    updated over time.  Thus, a consumer of v3 XML should not cause a
    failure when it encounters an unexpected type or no type is
    specified.  The table will also indicate which type of art can appear
    in plain-text output (for example, type="svg" cannot).

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