[rfc-i] contributors section & tools & YANG

tom petch daedulus at btconnect.com
Sun Jul 19 13:22:45 PDT 2020

On 17/07/2020 19:23, Carsten Bormann wrote:
> On 2020-07-17, at 11:33, tom petch <daedulus at btconnect.com> wrote:
>> what about all those editors who appear in YANG modules
> Yeah, what about them?
> Er, this is a bit undirected for a question.
> I believe you should avoid sugared carbonated drinks before editing YANG modules, but maybe that wasn’t your question.

The question I had in mind was

 > Is there any tool from e.g.: the IETF or Arkko publishing houses that 
actually deparses names
 > in a contributors section and does something with that information ?

and was asking whether by default or by option the names that are listed 
in a YANG module in an IETF I-D are treated in the same way as 
contributors section names are bearing in mind that YANG modules must be 
plain text?

Tom Petch

> Grüße, Carsten
> .

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