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Thanks, Adrian

Any example XML for which you're aware that the contributor section was correctly parsed, then
i will just clone that formatting. I do like the idea to format with all the same contact
info as if the contributors where authors, but thats just for emphasizing for human readers,
not for a poor script.


On Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 07:04:35PM +0100, Adrian Farrel wrote:
> I believe Jari's script attempts to do this and counts Contributors in the
> author stats it generates
> The script is very vulnerable to formatting errors and since the
> Contributors section is usually hand-crafted, the script often misses people
> or documents.
> Jari always welcomes fixes to the scripts. Last I looked there were lots of
> "IF RFC=abcd THEN make this special exception"
> A
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> Is there any tool from e.g.: the IETF or Arkko publishing houses that
> actually deparses names
> in a contributors section and does something with that information ?
> (aka: allows recognition stats like they are done for authors) ?
> I could not find anything in RFC 7749 that would allow me semantic tagging
> of contributors,
> Am i wrong ?
> If not, then parsing would have to be difficult and heuristic, and i
> therefore fear the answer to my
> above question is NO ?
> Wasthere not a time when we wanted to make contirbutors better recognizeable
> ?
> Thanks
>     Toerless
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