[rfc-i] No, constraining to a custom SVG profile is not trivial

S Moonesamy sm+ietf at elandsys.com
Wed Jan 22 11:50:28 PST 2020

Hi Carsten,
At 10:48 PM 21-01-2020, Carsten Bormann wrote:
>In Germany, we have colored traffic lights, even if the coloring is 
>less useful for people with limited color vision.


>Accessibility is important, and faithfully reproducing colors is 
>near impossible, but still many archival journals manage to allow 
>color in diagrams.


>It seems we are making the same mistake here as with the expansion 
>beyond ASCII:  by adopting a weird, idiosyncratic subset of the 
>stable state of the art (UTF-8, SVG) we are incurring most of the 
>problems (as well as some additional ones specific to our 
>idiosyncrasies) while enjoying a small part of the benefit.

Was there any (independent) implementation of draft-iab-svg-rfc?

S. Moonesamy

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