[rfc-i] Should RFC-7996-bis be an IETF document in an IETF WG?

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Wed Feb 5 18:19:06 PST 2020

In article <264786fd-4096-31b8-5af2-ed6176f8db21 at gmx.de> you write:
>> Maybe there is a good reason to do this work on non 'IETF' lists. If so,
>> I would love to hear the reasons.
>> ...
>That's a question for the RSE, not me :-)

I'm new here but I gather that the idea is that stuff about RFCs lives in
the rfc-editor.org domain.

This list is archived in the IETF mail archive, the list runs on the
same server cluster as the IETF lists, and there's a link to it on the
rfc-editor home page so it's not like it's hidden away.  


PS:  The note well probably does not apply.

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