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Carsten Bormann cabo at tzi.org
Thu Feb 21 14:08:22 PST 2019

On Feb 21, 2019, at 22:54, Tom Pusateri <pusateri at bangj.com> wrote:
> The markdown to XML source change is a separate unfortunate problem for which I don’t have a solution.

That is indeed an interesting issue.

One would hope that the AUTH48 work is limited, so this is not a big problem (it has not been in the 8+ years I have been using kramdown-rfc now).

One mode of usage of kramdown-rfc2629 is that small snippets can be entered in markdown and translated to RFCXML by the tool.  That of course requires some basic proficiency in an XML editor to call an external tool.  (As in !}kramdown-rfc2629 in vim, IIRC.)
(I have even used that for collaborating on documents authored in RFCXML, but I simply don’t do that any more.)

One other useful tool here can be an upconverter, but that requires some of the markdown formatting to survive the XML editing if it is not to cause massive deltas in the source code revision control.  (I have an upconverter, but haven’t found the time or need to make that foolproof.)

> I realize we can’t expect the RFC Editor to support any XML pre-processor that comes along. It makes me want to only use the same format that is supported by the RFC Editor instead of using various pre-processor tools.

I think that the advantages of using markdown in the creation and gestation phase outweigh some small discontinuity in the AUTH48 phase.  If AUTH48 becomes massive, maybe you are doing it wrong :-)

Grüße, Carsten

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