[rfc-i] RSOC name

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Mon Aug 19 21:51:35 PDT 2019

In article <alpine.OSX.2.01.1908191453170.76014 at ole-pro-2.local> you write:
>Speaking as someone who was part of the first RSOC and the committee 
>that found Heather, I am not particularly surprised that there were 
>not more bidders the second time around, or the first time for that 

I'm also surprised that anyone was surprised that there weren't
multiple bidders the second time.  I was one of the bidders the first
time, and didn't bid the second time. It was evident that Heather was
doing a good job, and she was going to rebid.  Putting together a bid
is significant work, so why waste the time?

It is perfectly reasonable to want a backup plan in case Heather fell
off a ferry*, but I'd think there would be ways to deal with it like
informally contacting some of the first round bidders and asking
whether they'd still be interested if the incumbent couldn't do it.


* - the Puget Sound version of being hit by a bus

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