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Jim Schaad ietf at augustcellars.com
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That is where I was planning to go next.  I wasn't sure if I had missed
something because I am not on the ietf mailing list or not, so I just did a
search to try and find what the state of the process is.  It appears that
the comment period on the RFP has closed, do we have any further schedule on
how the process is planned to roll out?


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Speaking as someone who was part of the first RSOC and the committee that
found Heather, I am not particularly surprised that there were not more
bidders the second time around, or the first time for that matter. The RSE
is quite a specialized job, we are IMO not looking for a generic "editor" or
"someone with copy-editing experience" or "someone who has published an RFC"
in spite of such claims on various lists. I continue to be confused by the
notion that an early rebid would somehow improve this situation, but that
debate has already happened, so I am sure our efforts should be focused
instead on finding a new RSE and/or an interim one as soon as possible.


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On Mon, 19 Aug 2019, Sarah Banks wrote:

> Hi Jim,
> 	Thanks for the clarification. A few things..
>  Joel was a part of the original RSOC that led to the first search  
> that found Heather. He was a part of the second RSOC that led to  the 
> rebid of the contract, per RFC6635. I, and Tony, were also a  part of 
> that second RSOC when the contract went out to bid per  process, and 
> found Heather. However, when the current RSOC made the  decision to 
> reup the contract in December but rebid in in 2 years,  Joel was no 
> longer on the RSOC, and there were only 2 members  remaining from the 
> previous RSOC when the bid/search went out -  myself and Tony. I hope 
> that clarifies that, and I apologize for  any confusion. We did not 
> check in with previous RSOC members; the  feedback was clear. We, as 
> well as Heather, had raised the issue  that only 1 bidder had bid the 
> last time (Heather), and that was  concerning. New members of the RSOC 
> felt that perhaps we could find  new ways to attract more/additional 
> bidders. I'll point out that  I've said this several times now, that 
> the RSOC decided to rebid  the contract in e fforts to address the 
> concern that we'd  previously received only 1 bid.
> Thanks,
> Sarah

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