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Heather Flanagan rse at rfc-editor.org
Sat Oct 20 08:25:57 PDT 2018

A -00 has been submitted for the Fifty Years of RFCs. This has been a 
fascinating document to pull together, and how did nearly fifty years 
pass since RFC 1 already??


The draft will definitely go through a few more iterations before it's 
ready for publication.  Feedback is, of course, always welcome.

FYI, the process for drafts coming from the RFC Editor is as follows:

0. RSE posts an individual submission, seeks public comment and review
1. After "sufficient" comment and review, the RSE asks the IAB to 
consider it for an IAB stream doc (all RFC Editor docs are published in 
the IAB stream)
2. The IAB doc process then kicks off (described in RFC 4845, relevant 
section included below).
3. Plan is to have this approved for publication at IETF 104, and 
actually published in April 2019.


IAB publication process:

3. IAB RFC Publication Process

    The following is a description of the process used by the IAB to
    publish IAB documents as RFCs.

    1.  The document is determined to be an IAB document by the IAB, as
        described in Section 1.

    2.  The IAB publishes an IAB draft (draft-iab-*).  Comments on the
        draft are reviewed and may be integrated into successive
        iterations of the draft.  In addition to considering comments
        received on the draft, the IAB may elect to refer the document to
        individuals or groups and explicitly solicit comments as

    3.  For documents intended to be published as BCPs, the document is
        passed to the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) with a
        sponsoring Area Director (AD), and follows the process outlined
        in [SPONSOR].

    4.  For documents intended to be Informational RFCs, the remainder of
        this process is followed.

    5.  The chair of the IAB issues an IETF-wide Call for Comment on the
        IETF Announce mailing list.  The comment period is normally no
        shorter than four weeks.

    6.  Comments received are considered for integration into the
        document.  The IAB shall determine whether the document is ready
        for publication based on the comments received, or whether
        another round of document editing and, optionally, a further call
        for input is required.

    7.  The document is passed to the RFC Editor for publication as an
        IAB document Informational RFC.

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