[rfc-i] Non-ASCII characters in txt RFCs

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Mon Nov 5 05:43:07 PST 2018

On 2018-11-05 14:06, Dave Crocker wrote:
> G'day.
> I've got a working group draft that includes two names in the 
> Acknowledgements that needs non-Ascii characters.
> I've written the xml as:
>     Petr Špaček,Ondřej Sury
> which renders nicely in html but the xml2rfc engine renders the txt 
> version as...
>     Petr Špaček, Ondřej Sury
> RFC 7997, Section 3.2 appears to require two difference versions of 
> source code, one for html and pdf, producing the native characters, and 
> one for txt producing.  The example it gives shows:

Not for non-ASCII characters in a latin script.

>>     Patrik (See PDF for non-ASCII character string)
>>    (Faltstrom), (See PDF for non-ASCII character string) (William Chan)
> So what is the safe convention for a single xml source code that will 
> get reasonable rendering in both html and txt?

You'd use 

...and make sure you run a version of xml2rfc that supports v3 (and pass 
the right command line switch).

But, in your case, I think all that's needed is to allow xml2rfc to 
produce UTF-8 (command line switch "-u").

Best regards, Julian

(ID-Nits might still complain; please tell us how it went)

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