[rfc-i] Call for RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC) Nominations

IAB Executive Administrative Manager execd at iab.org
Wed May 16 10:26:15 PDT 2018

As specified in "RFC Editor Model (Version 2)" (RFC 6635), the IAB is
responsible for appointing the members of the RFC Series Oversight
Committee (RSOC). While RFC 6635 does not mandate a specific term for
RSOC membership, the IAB periodically reviews the membership of the
committee.  As such, the IAB is now issuing a call for nominations for
individuals willing and interested in serving on the RSOC.

As noted in RFC 6635, the RSOC, which currently includes two IAB 
members, acts with authority delegated from the IAB, and the RSOC is 
responsible for approving consensus policy and vision documents 
developed by the RFC Series Editor (RSE) in collaboration with the 
community. The RSOC is also responsible for ensuring that the RFC 
Series is run in a transparent and accountable manner. For decisions 
that affect the RFC Series Editor individually, the RSOC prepares 
recommendations for the IAB, such as preparing the performance reviews 
of the RSE. RSOC members are expected to recognize potential conflicts 
of interest and recuse themselves from decisions in which they have a 
conflict of interest.

If you would like to nominate a candidate for membership in the RSOC,
please send information on the candidate, including their email address,
to iab-chair at iab.org and execd at iab.org.  Self-nominations are

The IAB will be evaluating the full RSOC membership, including those
current members who wish to continue. The decisions related to the
number of people on the RSOC and the need for continuity will be made
based on the available candidates, while respecting the stability goals
as stated in RFC 6635.  The current membership can be seen at

The nominations deadline is 27 June 2018.

The IAB will confirm individuals' willingness to be considered, and
publish the resulting list so that the community can provide comments
before the IAB makes any decisions on RSOC membership.

The RSOC meets approximately one hour per month via conference call and 
for approximately 90 minutes at each face-to-face IETF meeting.

The current focus of the RSOC is on:

1) Overseeing and assisting the RSE in the process of evolving the RFC 
format and style.

2) Periodic reviews of the RSE performance.

3) Working with the RSE and the IETF Administrative Oversight Committee 
(IAOC) on the statements of work for contracts related to the RFC 
Production Center and RFC Publisher.

Best regards,
Cindy Morgan
IAB Executive Administrative Manager

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