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Apologies for the delayed reply.

> Instead of "Paragraph 21", i would like to see something like the 
> following in the text version (where obviously threre are no real 
> hotlinks):
> ...field of the ->ACP domain certificate.
> ...field of the ->"ACP domain certificate".
> ...field of the (->ACP domain certificate).

> This still leaves the question what RFC editor would say about above
> proposed formatting for references to terminology definitions. Don't
> want to add a bunch of them only to get after IESG feedback the
> comment from RFC editor that they do not like that format.

As you point out, because there are no links in the text output, RFCs just use words, such as "defined below". For example:

ACP address: An IPv6 address assigned to the ACP node. It is 
  stored in the domain information field of the ACP domain 
  certificate (defined below).

However, if you prefer, you could define the notation, e.g., The notation "->" indicates that the definition of the term is located within this section.  (For the term itself, using quotation marks would be preferred over parentheses, for the sake of readability.)  

Thank you.

Alice Russo
RFC Production Center

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