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Toerless Eckert tte at cs.fau.de
Wed Feb 7 09:57:16 PST 2018

XML, Web pages, Data-bases/tracker... gee, all this modern stuff.
You never know what depends on which if you are not on the inside
of that mesh. And given how RFC editor is not publishing normative
XML files for RFC, you can not use the source material (RFCs themselves)
in a reasonable fashion to get the information (too much text parsing
and potentially inconsistent across the staack).

IMHO, the primary source of truth is this: 


If contributors show up there (figure out a format extension to separate
from authors), i have the highest confidence that they will show up
in all representations the RFC editor has and short of an authoritative
rfc-index.xml, its IMHO actually authoritative.


On Wed, Feb 07, 2018 at 01:19:52AM +0000, Ronald Tse wrote:
> I agree that contributors should be made locate-able through datatracker.
> If this is accepted, it would be best to extend the RFC XML structure to accept contributors as metadata with the role ???contributor???, just like ???editor??? and ???author??? now. 
> I wonder if the RFC XML v3 format could be updated to allow this?
> Ron
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> Ronald Tse
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> > On Feb 7, 2018, at 9:04 AM, Brian E Carpenter <brian.e.carpenter at gmail.com> wrote:
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> > Hi,
> > 
> >> On 03/02/2018 05:28, Michael H. Behringer wrote:
> >> ...
> >>>> Side question: how are contributors associated with an RFC in the datatracker? I mean if I search on the datatracker with someone's name, will the RFC where he has been contributors appear?
> >>> I believe contributors are not "found", on official searches. (Like the 
> >>> RFC editor page).
> > 
> > Do people think that RFC contributors (as described in RFC 7322) should
> > be "findable"?
> > 
> > (I'm raising the question here first. If people think the answer is yes,
> > it might also become a feature request for the IETF data tracker.)
> > 
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