[rfc-i] Finding contributors

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Tue Feb 6 17:48:01 PST 2018

In article <e15e36c3-8f4e-2ade-a0ca-2a486fc0eee7 at joelhalpern.com> you write:
>Personally, I would not put much effort into making contributors 
>findable.  We could discuss it again after we showed we cared about 
>making authors findable by doing more than putting the then-current 
>contact information in the RFC.

On the rare occasion when I wonder to what RFCs Joe Blow might have
contributed, I find that grep works just fine.

The text of all RFCs published since the beginning of time is about
430 megabytes which these days is not a lot.  On my vintage 2012
laptop I can grep through them all in about 6 seconds.


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