[rfc-i] Text rendering of <spanx style=verb> and <tt>

Jeffrey Yasskin jyasskin at chromium.org
Sun Dec 16 21:02:44 PST 2018

Right now, xml2rfc's text output renders RFC7749's <spanx style=verb>
and RFC7991's <tt> by surrounding the contents with double quotes (").
This is ambiguous with actual quoted strings in the body of the RFC.

This confused an area director in the review of CDDL
(https://mozphab-ietf.devsvcdev.mozaws.net/D4234#inline-7837), and has
led to an apparent consensus in the HTTPWG not to use these pieces of
the XML markup at all

It seems silly to leave traps like this, where a piece of markup is
defined, and useful in the HTML output, but actually forbidden in any
RFC that wants to be published.

An ASCII alternative could be to wrap the contents in backticks (`)
instead of quotes, but this would break any v2 documents that describe
the effect of <spanx style=verb> in words. Doing it for just v3 (<tt>)
might force the automatic v2->v3 conversion to leave <spanx
style=verb> alone instead of converting that to <tt>.

Do folks have other ideas for removing the trap? Do folks agree that
the trap is worth removing?


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