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Toerless Eckert tte at cs.fau.de
Tue Sep 26 16:47:40 PDT 2017

On Wed, Sep 27, 2017 at 08:32:15AM +1000, Matthew Kerwin wrote:
> Emoji are astral codepoints, aren't they? ????????


> If you mean font support (I'm not going to trip myself up over the
> difference between character sets and encodings and all that, but I'm
> pretty sure 'Unicode' has you covered for characters/codepoints) that's a
> mostly-solved problem in the modern web, with webfonts and the like.

Sure, sitting in an airplane, trying to read a document and getting a
pop-up window to go on the internet, create i think an apple-id to
be able to download some asian character set (if i remember it correctly). 

> So the useful words to put in the table would be basic document types
> (PDF/text/HTML). We can bicker over what "text" means WRT UTF-8 elsewhere.

I definitely would like to have an indication if it's "more than ASCII" text
(eg: foreign characters included).


> Cheers
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> Matthew Kerwin

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