[rfc-i] RFC Series publishes first RFC with non-ASCII characters

Toerless Eckert tte at cs.fau.de
Tue Sep 19 13:48:02 PDT 2017

One usability comment:

As a frequent reader of RFC, primarily using the text format, it would be
great if there was a human readable tag, eg: as another header line indicating
enough about the format used by the document to quickly know what the
minimum required viewer is to get a guaranteed correct display
- ASCII, UTF8, HTML (when graphics are needed), ...


Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)                        J. Reschke
Request for Comments: 8187                                    greenbytes
Obsoletes: 5987                                           September 2017
Category: Standards Track
Format: ASCII / UTF8 / "graphics" / ...


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