[rfc-i] date-less citations

Heather Flanagan (RFC Series Editor) rse at rfc-editor.org
Mon May 15 06:23:13 PDT 2017

On 5/14/17 1:51 AM, Julian Reschke wrote:
> Hi there,
> is there an agreement about how to reference things that have no
> publiccation date (for whatever reason)?
> xml2rfc doesn't allow skipping <date>, but it does allow leaving out all
> attributes, and this generates a date-less reference entry.
> However, recently, I have seen many documents saying "n.d.", which I
> believe originates from the use of kramdown-rfc2629 (abusing the date
> element, FWIW).
> Any opinions about what is the better choice?

Hi Julian,

I believe you're seeing the n.d. in the XML itself, yes? The RPC has
been removing it before publication; we prefer the date-less entry when
no date appears on the material itself.


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