[rfc-i] Referencing Emails

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Sat Mar 11 06:05:06 PST 2017


>  Referencing Email on Mailing Lists
>    When referencing emails to mailing lists, the template provided here
>    should be used:
>       [reftag] Sender, A., "Subject: Subject line", message to the
>       listname mailing list, DD Month YYYY, <URL >.

Including the day of month in a reference is something we haven't done 
before, and which xml2rc won't do in references by default.

Given that we already have <reference>s that contain a day-of-month (for 
internet drafts), is your suggestion to have this in ID references as 
well? (that would at least be consistent, and consistency is good)

Best regards, Julian

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