[rfc-i] SVG-1.2-RFC now only in black and white

Nevil Brownlee n.brownlee at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Dec 12 17:26:42 PST 2017

Hi all:

I've posted a new draft, draft-7996-bis-00.txt, that
  - limits colours to black, white and their hex equivalents
  - removes linearGradient and radialGradient elemnts

These changes appear in SVG-1.2-RFC's rnc schema, that's
Appendix A in the draft.
I've put a copy of the rnc schema online in my home page, at

Also, I've updated my svg-check.py program - that will check an
SVG file for compliance with SVG-1.2-RFC.  It will also strip
out any non-compliant elements in the XML to produce a compliant
copy.  If you'd like to try svg-check.py, you can get it from

For example, python3 check-svg.py -w 200 -n rpc-procedure-inkscape.svg
flags 128 warnings in the image  rpc-procedure-inkscape.svg
It also writes pc-procedure-inkscape.new.svg, which has no errors
and looks the same as the original when displayed.

Cheers, Nevil

On 13/12/17 5:37 am, Heather Flanagan (RFC Series Editor) wrote:
> On 12/11/17 2:03 PM, Nevil Brownlee wrote:
>> Hi Jim:
>> Hmm, looking back through my svg-check.py code, I see that I left the
>> colour grey (an all the various html ways of specifying it) in for
>> SVG-RFC, along with linearGradient and radialGradient.
>> My recollection is that not allowing colour was an access consideration,
>> but - to me at least - allowing shades of grey would be OK.
>> If we agree that they shouldn't be there, I can certainly take them out
>> of a new draft, and out of the rnc syntax.
>> Heather, what's your opinion on this?
> Color and greyscale are a step too far for us at this time, and for the
> foreseeable future.
> RFC 6949, Section 3.2:
>        8.  Graphics may include ASCII art and a more complex form to be
>            defined, such as SVG line art [SVG].  Color and grayscale will
>            not be accepted.  RFCs must correctly display in monochromatic
>            black-and-white to allow for monochrome displays, black-and-
>            white printing, and support for visual disabilities.
> -Heather
>> Cheers, Nevil
>> On 8/12/17 9:03 am, Jim Schaad wrote:
>>> I am taking a closer look at all of the SVG elements that are labeled
>>> as out
>>> of bounds for RFCs.  In looking through things I came across
>>> linearGradient
>>> and radialGradient.  I am wondering why these elements are not also
>>> ruled as
>>> being out of bounds.
>>> The rule that was applied was that the only colors that are to be
>>> used are
>>> black and white with no gray scaling.  Both of these elements would
>>> introduce grays into the system as they provide for an object to be
>>> painted
>>> with a gradient of color from black to white across the object.  This
>>> means
>>> that the middle would be gray.
>>> Was not ruling these elements out an oversight or was it intentional?
>>> Jim
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