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Ole Jacobsen olejacobsen at me.com
Mon Feb 29 11:03:52 PST 2016

It's a difficult problem for sure. Just as a tiny example, the
3 extra letters in Scandinavia go in this order in Norway:

  æ ø å

... but in Sweden they use:

  å æ ø  [or å æ ö]

It's amusing to see them sorted at the START of the alphabeth
instead of at the end as happens with things like the ICANN
attendee list.

So, yes, hopefully it is out of scope.


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On Tue, 1 Mar 2016, Brian E Carpenter wrote:

> I just wondered whether we need to say anything about the sorting
> order of non-ASCII names, or is that out of scope? I hope it is,
> because it seems like a fiendishly hard problem. Maybe we do need
> to say somewhere that the order in which the authors appear in the
> xml source is the order in which they will appear in the RFC and in
> the RFC index and citations.
> Regards
>    Brian
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